Sunday, April 25, 2010

a few minutes ago..

.: paper lab tech yg mayb snang n susah:.
.:dont know how to interprate lab tech paper td:.
.:can answer but not very confident lor:.
.:like my bro said 'boleh la' :.
.:objctve quite tough n subj plk answer ikut suke jew:.
.:tgh2 jwb exam td leh lak ujan kn:.
.:rse mcm nk tdo je..dh la ngntok:.
.:btw..pe2 pn result nye t juz wait n see la:.
.:2morrow paper clinical specimen collection:.
.:wish me luck:.
.:gonna go stdy (ye2 je):.

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aein said... [Reply to comment]

exam yer?? GOOD LUCK!! :)
last bilerr??

hana said... [Reply to comment]