Monday, July 12, 2010

c0ngrats SPAIN!!!

~pic d tgh lautan manusia~
:: even i never watch football match::
:: but dis final WC, nabilah n i volunteer to escort ain sakinah n anis mardhiah to ICT::
:: jauh bnr kn nk tgk WC::
:: but its ok, all for them::
:: during da match...ak bkn tgk pn::
:: bz wit lappy n psp::
:: bole x cm2???haha...there is so many people..::
:: do i care they said to me like dis..'kalo nk tgk laptop kt umah la'...::
:: hahaha...sengal...mmg kalo bole nk tgk kt tmn kawn nye pasl::
:: ak bkn lyn sokong ane2 pn...ak sokong yg menang je yg pasti::
:: even i not the big fan of football but i noe la little bit bout da player n every match::
:: erm...dh la x pnh kua mlm kn.::
:: dis is da 1st time n back after subuh::
:: wow..sggh kagum..::
:: can u all many boys compare to girl there??::
:: 4 sure large number of boy rite:: 
:: n we juz 4 girl without any boy dat can accompany us::
:: i mean spupu o someone yg muhrim la::
:: sume owng pandang semacam je ::
:: ye la...mne x nye..if there r a girl must be wit their boy::
:: ahh....sggh byk maksiat.. ::
:: btw...congrats to spain n if MALAYSIA enter wc of coz i'll support them::
:: but when???haha::
:: i noew malaysia can do it::
:: okok...daaa~::

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