Thursday, March 25, 2010


:: dis emel from stranger..
:: n i dont know wat da main purpose he sent dis emel 2 me..
:: i think this is juz a trick 2 enter my account..maybe..who know ...


Age:26 years old.
Occupation: Engineer student.
City: Ouagadougou .
Country: Burkina Faso .

I am Mr, Waris Bakery son of late Mr Frederic Bakery Owarre, the former politician PDP Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso West Africa, my late father left sum of 8, 3 million USD Dollars in the bank of Africa, due to the law of the government is that without the beneficiary being up to 25 years old is not allow to release such amount of inheritance to him or her for security reasons and good use of it, that is why they did not allow me to claim my father's funds until I got to 25 years old now, congratulation I am up to 25 years old now, the bank have remitted the 8.3 Million USD Dollars into my own account as the inheritor, a friend of my father told me a secret and advice me to not use this funds here in Burkina Faso, because those people who killed my Father and my mother is still planning to kill me, so please with due respects and regard I have decided to contact you to provide your account to receive this 8.3 Million into your account, then I will come to your country to invest my money over there, because there is no way I can carry this funds cash to another country,

Please before we started, send me the necessary information demands bellow for trust and Unity, please promise me that you will not sit over this funds after bank transfer the 8.3 Million into your account, I will give you 30% of the total amount .

Full Name ........
Address .......
Occupation .......
Tel .........
A copy of your id card ........
Your postal address..............

After bank make the transfer into your account, I will deliver the payment slip of the transfer through your postal address for of security reason

Waiting for your urgent reply

Best regard

Mr, Waris Bakery.

00226 78 66 54 17.

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

this is what we call "phishing". google the word to find out what it means.
as long as u dont tell him ur bank account/personal details, there's nothing to worry about..

-gha- ;)

hana said... [Reply to comment]

dat rite..
mmg x lyn pn..
plek la ngn dorng nh..
x de keje agk nye..

hana said... [Reply to comment]

dat rite..
mmg x lyn pn..
plek la ngn dorng nh..
x de keje agk nye..