Monday, January 11, 2010

jom habeskn dwet!!!!!

> last friday, azra,ain,anis,nabilah,wendy,nuha n I went to lowyat..
> it took a long time to arrived there...
> little bit tensen..
> bus full of people..adoy..
> then, after finish buy laptop, hardisk n so on..
> we decide to back to our campus by bus from s.alam at 10 pm
> unfortunately, da las bus at 8.30 pm..
> so how we wanna back???
> luckily, have a guy guide us to back to my sister's house at meru even b4 dis i stayed in klang..
> haha..mayb sbb gelabah kot..2 yg x dpt pk..
> x sempat pnye pasl nk blk campus n de bus ke meru jew..
> day, my brother in law drop off nabila,nuha,wendy n anis to campus first..
> bcoz, ain,azra n i wanna go to tesco wit my sister's family..
> alang2 mnyeluk pekasam, ktorg g jusco n jln2 cark mkn..
> then, bru blk campus..
> after dis, sure lazy 2 go outside..
> really tired lor..
> len la kalo de yg sudi nk bwk ktorng kn..
> hahah..
> daaa~

after karaoke at tesco setia alam

iena exicited nk nyanyi gak

fun zone centre

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